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The B-day Haps

As you may know from Karrie’s endearing and slightly incriminating post yesterday, I just turned the big fat 3-2.   This year was quieter than most…  but in a slow-mo, low-key, blissful way.  Yesterday was also one of those days that made me acutely aware of how many wonderful people I have in my life, and how grateful I am for them.  Let’s hit the highlights, shall we?

First, this little devil made me some breakfast…

Then, I delighted in reading a few Facebook posts over my morning cup o’joe.

I realize it takes 0.2 seconds for people to leave a birthday message, but it always surprises me how much it means to me when people take the time to wish you well. My mom kicked it off with this über flattering shot of me, taken right after she shot me out of the oven 32 years ago.  That just could not have been fun…  especially in 1981, when they didn’t have drugs and probably operated with spoons and forks and such.

Some peoples’ posts made me cringe…

Some peoples’ comments on other peoples’ posts made me cackle out loud, like Bud’s. Bud is my grandpa.

And while we’re at it, let’s talk about Bud for a minute.  Is he not the most precious grandpa you’ve ever seen??  This is the man who taught me everything unladylike I know…  who was my best buddy growing up…  and who told me a few years ago that he never understood the point of women getting fake boobs, because “anything you can’t fit in your mouth is a waste of time.”  He is awesome.

Moving along…  some posts were really sweet:

Others…  not so much.  Thanks Tim.

The day also included a long, freezing but sunshiny walk with Gus.  I couldn’t love that giant, red fuzzy horse any more if I’d spewed him from my own loins.

Also got muh hair ‘did after work and had it cut into a LOB (long bob).  Matt calls it a “blob” because he can never remember what it’s called.  Voilà!  Le blob.

Macy’s was right next door to the salon, so I went in and bought myself some sparkly stilettos.  BANG.  (They also come in gold glitter, coral, and black.  $59.  BIG recommend.)

Then I came home to find a HUGE bouquet of flowers – we’re talking Ferngully explosion huge – that I separated into little vases to spread around the house.

They were accompanied by this paper towel doodle.  (He dotted the i’s with hearts.  I die.)

We did a low key, late dinner at Barcelona in the German Village.  Matty got the Barcelona Paella, and I got the Vieras.  It did NOT suck.  Neither did the Cava that we washed it down with.  Or the dessert that our sweet waiter comped for us.

If you live in C-bus and haven’t gone there yet, do it now.  Or do it in the summer when their patio is open.  It is heavenly.

Thank you all so, so much for the mixed CD’s, birthday serenades, cards with confetti (SUNNY!), blog posts (Sheep!), embarrassing, endearing and heartfelt FB comments, and sweet phone calls.  You made my birthday a freaking joy.  And to the little nugget I live with: Every day is my favorite day with you, but thank you for going out of your way 900 different ways yesterday for me.  Also, I cannot believe you’re still here after seeing me in sweatpants, no makeup and an afro all winter.  God bless you.


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