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Happy Fall Weekend!

I dunno about you, but for the past few months, I’ve been traveling and running all over tarnation like a chicken with its head cut off.  I have bags under my eyes, coffee cups and spare tires and crusty forks strewn all over my car (which is seriously where I live), and could use a cool 20 extra hours of sleep.  So this weekend – since I (exhale) have no certain plans, I’m looking forward to suh-looowwwwwing it down, and marinating somewhere like zeese, with a giant stack of design mags and a vat of coffee.

(Timeout:  could we please discuss how amazing the perfectly rumpled and restrained, mismatched bedding is?  Woven pillows against a striped backdrop, and a reclaimed driftwood-y bench at the foot??!  Yum.)  And at some point, maybe carving a pumpkin or two.  Martha did me proud with these lacey-looking versions below, so maybe I’ll give that a whirl…

And hang out on the porch comme ça while I roast some seeds… 

And maybe sporting some shorts avec the rest of my fall gear, since we’re in this lovely tweener stage, and it might be one of the last weeks to do it.

And sticking something like this cauliflower sage & almond risotto in my crock pot & smoking it…

Timeout, let’s be honest.  Karrie’s wedding is in 3 weeks, so I’ll be eating something more along these lines.  And then I’m gonna go write, “I love bean sprouts…  I LOVE bean sprouts!” on the chalkboard 110 times.

Happy Fall Weekend to YOU!  Here’s to some glorious weather and quality R&R…  cheers.


*photo credits:  (1) vintage car with leaves (2) boho bedroom (3) lace pumpkins (4) porch marination station (5) shorts / shorts (6) cauliflower sage and almond risotto recipe (7) bean sprouts

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