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2012, in all its glory… and Julia Sugarbaker

Hi guys!  We know it’s been awhile…  hope y’all had an AWESOME holiday (the emphass-is there is on “hol-i-day,” not “Christ-mas,” because remind me to tell you how many times I wished the *same* lady in December a “Merry Christmas!” after she told me like, 7 times that she was Jewish.  Shalom!  Whoops.)  But alas, isn’t it the merry sentiment that counts??  Anyhow.  Despite Kar Bear and I having full-time gigs (she as the Senior VP of a production company, me as a Medical Device Sales territory manager), this blog has always been such a wonderful creative outlet that feeds our little souls.  So, dang it.  We are ramping it up in this piece in 2013.  And before we start rattling off 2013’s resolutions & such, can we rap real quick about how totally outrageous 2012 was???  Here’s what went down on my end:

1 – TONS of quality girl time.  A Big Chill-esque birthday weekend in Venice Beach, CA with all my favorite people under one roof…  I nearly wet myself.  Anna Maria Island in November for Karrie’s 1st wedding anniversary, San Diego for work, etc.  Bliss.

2 – Got a job promotion and moved from my beloved Windy City to Columbus, OH, in June, where I shacked up in this sweet little Who’s-The-Boss lookalike, idyllic house.  Said casa came complete with a tons of character in the form of arched nooks and newly restored, limewashed-pine-looking doors, a Saturday Farmer’s Market at the end of my block, a cherry tomato plant growing like wildfire on the side of the house (this excites me to no end), a budding herb garden in backyard, and never-ending design projects inside.  Bliss.

3 – I became an (honorary) auntie to this little booger, whose nursery I collaborated on with his madre earlier in the year.  He’s so precious I could eat him with a spoon.

4 – I fell cuckoo-for-cocoa puffs (and I mean, game over) in love with this kid, and life has never been the same since.  We had one of those epic, no-holds-barred, 4-hour convos on our 1st date, after which I felt like I’d known him for a few years, not just a few days.  He’s totally ridiculous on a dance floor, totally smokin’ hot, bear-hugged my dad and sat in my mom’s lap the first day he met both of them, and has the best laugh of anyone I know.  He’s also the other half I never knew I had.

5 – SOLID vaycay time in Mexico, where I made plenty of bad decisions that my parents wouldn’t be proud of…  like doing shots while hanging upside down (1st photo, #3), partaking in a little harmless cliff-diving, and winning an obstacle course drinking contest at Mango Deck – a rip-roaring fun but not entirely savory beach front establishment.

6 – Hosted Thanksgiving for both my and #4’s families (and refinished that $40 table from Craigslist on Thanksgiving Eve.  My step-dad asked me if his plate was going to stick to the polyurethane – bahahha).  My favorite part of the day?  It’s a tie between watching our grandparents – both widowed – engage in a little harmless, G-rated flirting.  That and the random chiming-in of people around the dinner table with all the things they were thankful for.  Warms my little heart to no end.

7 – Moving is the WORST (!!%^#$&@!!), but the best part about it is getting to decorate a new space.  And so I did.  Yahtzee!

Here’s to a very Happy 2013 to you!  I hope it rocks your face off and is full of SO much joy and laughter and fun.  Thanks for reading our little labor of love over here still, you loyal little nuggets you.  And if you have a sec to weigh-in (oh I’d be so grateful if you could!), please let us know what you’d like to see/hear more of from us this year – DIY Projects, Recipes, Goodwill Hunting, Inspired DJ Playlists, Interiors, Entertaining, etc.??  And on that note…

We’re also kicking around the idea offering Design Services, including E-decorating packages…  would you guys be interested in something like that?  That’s when – instead of hiring an expensive decorator, you tell us what room needs tweaking, send us some pics and measurements, tell us what your favorite color is, all that good stuff…  and for a much more wallet-friendly fee, we send you back inspiration boards, floor plans, fabric/paint/wallpaper samples, and resource lists based on your budget.  Below is what I did for my living room in Columbus…

And the nursery I did for my friend Vani’s little peanut…

Does that sound like fun??  For more insight into what my design sensibilities (that sounds so suhnoh-bay, doesn’t it?) look like, here’s my COVET LIVING PINTEREST PAGE for the gandering.  PS:  Gandering is totally not a word.  Alas, below is a screen shot of one of my favorite boards, California Dreaming, which I usually bulk up every grim, frosty Midwest winter when I’m dreaming of easy breezy decor, salty ocean air, warmer days and casual living.


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  • YES PLEASE! Steph, you have some of the most spot-on style of anyone I’ve ever seen. We are getting ready to build a house in Salt Lake, and I would love to have you do a room or two. Keep us posted!

  • Love that nursery! You have a gift!

  • Yo Ballard. You did such a nicey job on my 1st two apartments, I think I’ll let you do my next. You’re welcome! PS: tell #4 (Lukewarm) I said what’s up.

  • What a gorgeous baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s hard being born!

  • Love the George Thurston lamps. Where did you find them?

  • What you wrote about your boyfriend is so sweet, Steph. He sounds like a great guy. You guys make a beautiful couple!

  • How do I die-dye pillows?

  • -Jamie, Gabrielle & Becky: Thanks y’all!
    -Vasavi: He is the SWEETEST, right??
    -Allison: my girl Martha Stewart does a pretty good tutorial here – – but I’ll tell ya from experience that it can be messy, and it takes some time/patience to get the right color, and to keep it from bleeding. I would DEF start with a piece of scrap fabric to test.
    -Victoria: the ones pictured were on 1st Dibs – – I also found a pair in white by the same designer in an antique store in Chicago last year. The antique dealer at 1st Dibs said the pair I found was the only other one he’d ever seen/heard of, but pretty sure his is still available!
    -Mary: You’re a hooker. J/k, love you longtime.

  • 1. Bring on those design services, I lovvve your style and already have a California dreamin project for you
    2. Easy, healthy and quick dinner recipes for those of us that rarely give cooking a go (guilty)
    3. “Motivation Monday!” – a blog on inspiration (wise words, words to live by etc)
    4. Book reviews (kind of lame, but I’m always looking for recommendations) – Example. Your all time favorite read, the book currently on your night stand
    5. Style, fashion and everything pretty

    Ladies, these are only suggestions, please know I love your blog and will read it religiously regardless of what you write 

  • Bring it on! P-coat and I will be building this ( house, no joke, on 4 amazing acres in our little corner of heaven. You better believe I am gonna need some inspiration to fill that big, beautiful box! Get your Pinterest-loving fingers ready, they’re gonna get some action!

    Love ya (and am so thrilled that you have your own p-coat now! Told ya the wait would be worth it!) xoxo

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